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I Bet You've Missd These

Janiiee a posted Feb 19, 14
Nattsg we will get better!
Daevos looks like a mess o.O good job guys!
Congrats on 11/14 HM Ultimate, we've all worked hard to get ourselves into the #1 25m position on Frostmourne - now its time to bring it home strong! Enjoy the killshots below of our progress so far, and:

Garrosh - we're still coming for you...

Realm First! Heroic: Thok the Bloodthirsty
Ultimate - Thok the Bloodthirsty HM

Realm First! Heroic: Spoils of Pandaria
Ultimate - Spoils of Pandaria HM

Heroic: Malkorok
Ultimate - Malkorok HM

Heroic: Iron Juggernaut
Ultimate - Iron Juggernaut HM

Heroic: Sha of Pride
Ultimate - Sha of Pride HM

Heroic: Norushen
Ultimate - Norushen HM

Heroic: Fallen Protectors
Ultimate - Fallen Protectors HM

Heroic: Immerseus
Ultimate - Immerseus HM

Garrosh 25man
Ultimate -Garrosh 25m
Janiiee a lol @ the number of priests in the norushen kill.
Novastorm Hope you guys like, i think they turned out pretty good!
Edessa yay !! photo's


Janiiee a posted Sep 30, 13
Great job getting 4 Heroic bosses down in just a few hours this week! Here's your reward :D

Janiiee a now senturion too
Salure psychorax will always be remembered for this fight
Edessa how to free people from prison?? "STAND IN THE MIDDLEeeee"


Janiiee a posted Sep 23, 13

Eunya thx jan. i hate u.
Bluebonez I DIED 3 TIMES
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